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Oak Tree Advisory Services, Inc.

Divorce Mediation

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Divorce Support
We offer a neutral zone where you learn about options in divorce and how you can handle life without expensive legal fights.
Divorce Education
Divorce mediation specialists with over 30 years helps you explore your options using ONE LAST LOOK℠
Over our yeas of experience, we have found there are five simple truths that are part of each divorce.
How Does Mediation Work?
Divorce mediation can bring sanity to a process that is the most stressful time in life. It is hard to be calm and have a plan for something you never expected to happen.
Resource Library
You did not plan on divorce when you got married. But now you are facing it. You need to know what is ahead for both of you and your children.
F-A-C-C-T®: Understanding Divorce Pamphlet
As couples move through the process of separation and divorce there is an atmosphere around them that people often find difficult to describe. People in Scandinavian countries understand what we seem to miss in the United States—simply that the family is re-forming. To help understand this concept, we developed F-A-C-C-T®.
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