Tax Preparation & Planning

Meeting the annual tax deadline is what most people think about when taxes are discussed. But what about everything else that is touched by taxation. Each situation is different based on exposures, income, expenses, business structures, employment benefits and so much more. The question is, have you maximized your options and fine-tuned your opportunities.

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Business Consulting

How you operate your business is an important decision. With a tax consultant helping from initial start-up to the ongoing venture, and ultimately selling the business or passing it to your heirs, questions abound along the way. We help you navigate the confusion and set aside the frustrations that can hinder your effort. The goal is for you to focus on what you do best.

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Business Entity Selection

LLC, Corporation, S-Election, sole proprietorship… what is the best option for your business? Choosing a business form is an important and often critical first step. This starts with the end in mind. We help you define your business goals and to make elections that make sense for meeting those goals. This is also coupled with your need for tax preparation, compliance reporting and all other aspects of tax operations. There is no perfect one-size-fits all solution here. Each option offers benefits, depending on what you are working to achieve.

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Divorce Services & Divorce Mediation

Divorce is one of the most painful events a family can face. When someone dies, there is finality. When there is a divorce, everyone is still here and the emotional turmoil can lead to painful and often negative outcomes. With years of experience, we help couples understand and navigate the path of divorce. If you are not an ongoing client, we can help with Oak Tree Mediation. For those that are clients, we can educate you on the options and issues that you will face as a couple – financial and emotional.

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Estate & Trust Tax Preparation

When someone passes on, the family is left with a set of issues to manage. This includes obtaining the necessary tax ID numbers, the preparation of the estate and trust tax returns preparation and the distribution of assets to heirs. It is an important part of completing your financial legacy to your family. Proper tax work focuses on helping heirs to preserve, protect, and enhance the estate in accordance the wishes of the deceased person. This includes the orderly transfer of assets to your beneficiaries and minimizing tax penalties on the transfer of assets. Most important is helping the surviving loved ones.

It is our pledge to help your loved ones with our experience and compassion in the area of postmortem tax preparation and ongoing planning, as needed. As the advisor to your estate and your heirs, we can help you plan today with information and counsel on when, how and to whom the estate assets and income should be distributed.

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Financial Planning

To make informed choices having an ongoing process to evaluate your progress is a useful tool. Financial planning looks at your goals, your income, savings, assets, protection through insurance and estate documents and blends it into a cohesive tool. You make decisions based on a design rather than stumbling through life by default.

A coordinated financial plan includes:

  • Setting short, medium and long term goals
  • Pulling together all the assets and liabilities so you know your starting point
  • Create a path forward using tax planning, investment and cash management
  • Setting a program to monitor progress
  • Be flexible and make adjustment along the way as needed

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Education Financial Planning

How do you pay for college?  What amount of savings is needed?  Are there options open to you to help pay the bills?  These are just a few questions that impact a child – or maybe yourself – headed to school.  Beyond the sources of funding, there are tax implications to education funding that may help with the costs.  We work with you to build a bridge for children at any stage – very young, entering high school or just about to start college.

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IRS Representation

Nothing is guaranteed with taxes and tax preparation. Even the simplest of tax returns can get reviewed. As Enrolled Agents we are here to stand with you as your advisors and as your advocates with the IRS. We give you the tax help that you need. We make sure that your tax payer rights are protected. That includes the right to:

  • Be Informed by the IRS
  • Quality Service from the IRS
  • Pay No More Than the Correct Amount of Tax Owed
  • Challenge the IRS’s Position and Be Heard
  • Appeal an IRS Decision in An Independent Forum
  • Finality of The Matter in Question
  • Privacy for Your Information and Tax Records
  • Confidentiality of All Matters Before The IRS
  • Retain Representation for Your Situation
  • A Fair and Just Tax System

While no one can guarantee that a return will not be reviewed we can represent that return with the IRS and our track record over the years has been excellent in favor of our clients.

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Notary Public

Oak Tree offers the service of a Notary Public to help with those documents that need a signature verification.

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Payroll Taxes

Through outside providers, we can assist you in setting up the reporting systems necessary to keep you in compliance for payroll taxes. This is an area of particular expertise and an economic exposure that a business will want assistance with. It is typically advised that smaller businesses use outside services to avoid unnecessary risk in this area.

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Retirement Planning

Being in business or after working for years, the idea of slowing down sounds wonderful. But is that really what retirement is about? From experience with so many people heading into retirement, we see that it is actually a more active time of life for most people. Between volunteer work, spending time in hobbies that are complex and interrelated with organizations, side business ventures… there is so much more. The real question is, whatever your situation, what will your retirement look like and how will you prepare for it?

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Sales Tax Services

Some businesses sell physical products. That requires sales tax collection and reporting. Through our service providers we can help you meet compliance with this important matter and avoid painful entanglements with the state Board of Equalization.

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Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

With our dedicated partners, we can coordinate the bookkeeping and accounting services you will require for meeting your business needs. This way, you economize in the work that needs to be done while having the information you need at your fingertips.

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